Why Shop With Us

Why Shop with HotTubsDirect™?

Proudly manufactured in the USA, Synergi® Spas™ on HotTubsDirect™ has evolved into one of the largest spa manufacturers and accessories suppliers in the world. We are pleased to offer you unsurpassed quality, luxury, and style to fit any lifestyle and any budget, with our expansive and robust line of luxury hot tubs, hot tub parts, and accessories.


HotTubsDirect applauds your efforts for investing in your health and well-being with consideration of a Synergi® Spas luxury hot tub.


At HotTubsDirect we realize the importance of providing you with a hassle-free, simple, enjoyable experience. We accomplish this in several ways:


  • As a trusted member of the IHTA (International Hot Tub Association), Synergi® Spas abides by strict membership criteria specific to industry legislation, certification, and licensing and is required to provide our customers with hot tubs that meet &/ or exceed safety and energy standards. As a result, Synergi® Spas’ customers purchase with 100% confidence in us and our product.
  • By offering Synergi® Spas exclusively to our customers from our factory production floor, Synergi® Spas customers save substantial time and money. In addition, customers enjoy a convenient product warranty honored directly from Synergi® Spas.
  • Operating “Lean and Green” in the overall manufacturing process, as well as in the design and construction of your unique spa, Synergi® Spas ensures an environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient spa every time, which affords us the ability to provide our customers with added savings and decreased operating costs.
  • Synergi® Spas is passionate about the quality of our products and the quality of our customer experience and offers an unmatched, “industry first” 90 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee/Return Policy.


Whether your purchasing a new hot tub or improving an existing one, with Synergi® Spas, you can be confident in your decision to improve your quality of life and start relaxing and enjoying the ultimate spa ownership experience you deserve.
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