Spa Placement

Synergi® Spas Placement  

Prepare for Your New Synergi® Spas: 

Most cities and counties require permits for exterior construction and electrical circuits. In addition, some communities have codes requiring residential barriers such as fencing and/or self-closing gates on property to prevent unsupervised access to the property by children. Your local code enforcement officer can provide information on which permits may be required and how to obtain them prior to the delivery of your Synergi Spa

Prepare a Good Foundation:

Damage caused by an inadequate or improper foundation is not covered by the warranty. The Synergi® Spas owner is responsible for providing a proper foundation. Place your Synergi Spa on a firm, flat, level foundation. Your Synergi spa can be placed on a deck, concrete pad, pavers, tamped crushed rock, bare dirt, or grass as long as the area under the spa is firm, flat, and level and can support the weight of the spa. If you are installing your Synergi Spa indoors, pay close attention to the flooring beneath it. Choose flooring that will not be damaged or stained. If you are installing your Synergi Spa on an elevated wood deck or other structure, consult a structural engineer, or a contractor to ensure the structure will support the weight of 150 pounds per square foot. 

Safety First:

Do not place your Synergi Spa within 10 feet (3 m) of overhead power lines. Do not use in warm, damp, equable climates. 

IMPORTANT: Synergi® Spas Warranty is void if the spa is moved to any location that is not the original“Ship-To” address. 

Consider Spa Use:

How you intend to use your Synergi Spa will help you determine where you should position it. For example, will you use your Synergi Spa for recreational or therapeutic purposes? If your Synergi Spa is mainly used for family recreation, be sure to leave plenty of room around it for activity. If you will use it for relaxation and therapy, you will probably want to create a specific mood around it. 

Climate, Privacy, and View:

Place the Synergi Spa near a house entry if you live in a snowy or rainy environment so you have a place to comfortably change clothes. Consider seasonal changes, too. Bare trees don’t provide much privacy. And don’t forget to think of your neighbors’ view of you, and your view of your neighbors.

Keep Your Spa Clean:

In planning your Synergi® Spas location, consider a location where there is a clean path to and from the house. Use a mat at the Synergi® Spas entrance to encourage bathers to clean their feet before entering your spa. 

Allow for Service Access:

If you are installing your Synergi Spa near a wall or with any type of structure on the outside, such as a gazebo, remember to allow access for service.

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