Filling and Start Up

Filling and Starting

1. Place spa on an approved surface and have it properly wired by a licensed electrician.

2. Remove exterior spa panels by inserting a flathead screwdriver at bottom edge of panel and prying out.

3. Make sure white plumbing unions are secure and did not loosen during shipping.There will be 4 unions on a 1-pump spa; 6 unions on a 2-pump spa. Hand-tighten any loose unions.

4. Open all gate valves in the equip­ment area. Before operation, these valves must be in the UP/OPEN po­sition and have plastic clips in­serted. Never run the spa with the gate valves closed or without water circulating for any

period of time.

5. Remove the filter(s) (and weir and basket, if equipped) from filter chamber. Photos may vary from your particular spa model.



6. Place a garden hose in the filter chamber and fill your spa with regular tap water to 2” higher than the highest jet (excluding neck/shoulder jets).


Do not fill your spa with soft water. It is difficult to maintain proper water chemistry with soft water. Also, the water may foam, which will eventually harm the finish of the spa and void your warranty.

1              If you have an automatic bromine generator, turn it off.

2              Once the water is at the correct level and air is bled, turn on the power at the GFCI breaker.


Note:When the power is turned on, the controls will per­form a diagnostic check for a feB minutes.When com­plete, the spa will automatically operate at filter speed and continue heating until water reaches 100ºF.

9. If water does not flow from jets when the pump is running, there could be an air pocket. See next page, Priming the Pump, for methods of removing air pockets from the pump(s)l

10. Install the filter(s) (and weir and basket, if equipped) into the filter chamber.


For Replacement Filters go to: or call 1-877-289-7727


Operate Your Spa

Priming the Pump

Sometimes air can become trapped in the pump while filling the spa.You will know this has happened when after you have filled and started the spa, the pump does not function.You will hear the pump op­erating, but no water will be moving. The pump will not work properly while air is trapped in it. Con­tinuing to operate the pump in this way will cause damage.

New spa owners often have difficulty the first time they start their spa and the pump fails to prime.This can be frustrating, but these simple instructions can help you.

To remove small air bubbles trapped in the pump.

1              Turn the spa on and wait for PR (Priming Mode) to appear on the topside display.

2              Press the JETS1 button to turn on the pump and let it run for 10 seconds.The pump should be running on low speed.

3              Press the JETS1 buttons again and let the pump run on high speed for 10 seconds.

4              Press the JETS1 button again to turn off the pump.The pump should be left in the off position for 10 to 15 seconds.

5              Repeat steps 1 through 4 until water is flowing through all the jets and all air is removed from the plumbing.



To remove a large air lock within the pump:

1. Turn off power at the breaker.

1              Remove the spa panel closest to the pump.

2              Loosen the white Pressure Union on top of the pump by hand or with a strap wrench.When air is bled out, tighten the union, turn breaker on and set the pump on high speed.



Note8 If you press the Temp button any time during Priming Mode, it will exit that mode and begin Stan­dard Mode. 

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