About Us

 About Us

Our goal is to provide first-time customers considering hot tub ownership the best quality product at an affordable cost. Our hot tubs are designed to provide luxury and quality to fit your lifestyle and budget. We are offering our own exclusive online brand of hot tubs that are not sold to any retailer or dealer. All of our hot tubs are designed and manufactured in the U.S. in our facilities located in Northumberland, PA.

Our spas are sold and shipped in every U.S. State. Also, we sell and ship in Canada and many countries around the world. With our expansive network of authorized local service technicians, we are able to provide service for all of our brand hot tubs.

 What makes us different from other hot tub online retailers?

  • Creating affordable hot tubs for all consumers! Our hot tubs are designed to fit your budget without sacrificing luxury and the hot tub ownership experience.
  • Extensive hot tub product knowledge! Our online sales and customer service teams have extensive knowledge with questions that you possibly have about any of our brands.
  • Quality checks on all hot tubs! We are not just a hot tub retailer; we are the spa manufacturer too.  Therefore, we have over a 100-quality check in place before we ship out to customers.
  • Servicing our hot tubs! We provide proper service for any of our brand hot tubs that is under our solid manufacturer warranty. With our factory-authorized local service technicians, you can feel confident that your purchase and its’ possible service needs.  Our service technician call center is able to assist customers scheduling service visits and answer questions about hot tubs parts and accessories for you hot tub.
  • A Green Company! We operate in a “lean and green” manner in the overall manufacturing process including the design and construction of your hot tub. We ensure that all spas are environmentally-friendly as well as energy-efficient. This allows us to have lower operating costs and providing our customers with additional savings.
  • A Hot Tub Satisfaction Guarantee/Return Policy! We are confident in our brand hot tubs and products and our customer service department that we are offering a 90-day customer satisfaction guarantee/return policy.

 Business and Industry Affiliations

  • Better Business Bureau A+ rating.
  • IHTA (International Hot Tub Association)
  • All spas meet Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards


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