Installation Instructions

Instructions for installing your Synergi Spa

A HotTubsDirect™ Synergi Spa™ provides warm water therapy that makes the installation of one worthwhile and we are here to help you and can provide installation services upon request. So, please don’t let the installation preparation deter you from buying direct with us and receiving all the benefits to come! It is important to make sure you allow time for significant preparation necessary in order to coordinate a successful installation, which should begin with knowing the actual dimensions of the hot tub you plan to install. Allocating the proper space and selecting the desired view are two of the details that will affect your decision for a long time to come.

  1. Plan your installation carefully, from the entire visit on our site to the final placement of your Synergi Spa. Select the easiest route on your property to the install site, making note of tight turns or obstacles that may require lifting to get over or around.
  2. Prepare a level surface for our base to rest and one that is able to support 100-pounds per square foot. Make sure the concrete or reinforced decking material has the necessary equipment installed with both drainage and water access points.
  3. Pre-install 240-volt, 50-amp or 60-amp electrical service attached to a ground fault interrupts circuit more than 5-feet from the tub. The certified electrician should have the cable prepped and ready for final hook up.
  4. Carry the hot tub or use a flatbed truck capable of supporting the weight and dimensions of the hot tub and drive it as close to the installation site as possible.
  5. Arrange to have a few strong people on hand for a short period, to off load the spa and transport it by hand the rest of the way. Once it is in place, the extra people can leave.
  6. Connect all pumps, hoses, cut-off valves and any other connections specific to that particular hot tub model.
  7. Fill the hot tub with a garden hose using cold water until reaching the fill line, which is normally 2 inches above the highest jet.
  8. Instruct the electrician to hook up the electric service and then follow manufacturer instructions on initial start up of that particular model of Synergi Spas.
  9. Try all jets, pumps, lights and features to determine if all are working correctly. Set the thermostat to 100 degrees and make sure the heater works.
  10. Treat the hot tub chemically and place the hot tub cover on the tub to retain the heat until you reach the desired temperature.
  11. Save all Synergi Spa paperwork, such as instructions, warranty card and model information regarding your hot tub.
  12. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 1-800-787-6649 and we will be glad to help you out.


Enjoy your new Synergi Spa!

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